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Welcome to The Menagerie, our marvelous mosaic of pocket-sized pets!


Pamper yourself with these magical minis and fabulously accessorize any handbag, keys, dashboard, desk or festivus tree! Experience the ultimate in luxury leather love from your new fashion companion - no feeding required. Choose your favorite hand-stitched critter, or collect them all and start your own zany zoo.


When you adopt an adorable animal from The Menagerie, we will make a delightful donation to Crocodile Specialist Group in your name.


Approximately 3 inches x 3 inches | Totally allergen-free!

Genuine Alligator, Python, Lizard or Crocodile Skin | The more you pet, the softer it gets!

Pig or Lambskin Lined | Smooth to the touch!

Whip Stitched | For a long-lasting life!

Hand-Crafted From Up-Cycled Leather | Always sustainable and forced-labor free!


The Menagerie | Stingray | Blue + Silver

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