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Meet Noalim


My name is Noa Greenspan. And I love leather.


I started designing shoes and handbags after my mother told me to stop spending so much money on accessories and learn how to make them myself. 


I always dreamed of being a designer, but I wasn’t quite sure where or how I fit into the fashion industry. After learning how to build a collection in Jerusalem, and then studying accessory design in Tel Aviv under Kobi Levi - the world-renowned shoe artist whose statement footwear has graced the feet of superstars such as Lady Gaga - I attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology accessory design program, where I felt my first piece of exotic leather.

I am inspired by history, mythology, the elements. I honed my craft by working across mediums like stained glass, metal, wood, and costume design. I learned you can create anything with a sharp pair of scissors, a vision, and a muse.


I am a cobbler. A glover. A milliner. A couturier. I am unconventional. My luxury leather goods are a mix of modern techniques and classic craftsmanship. I melt into my work by melding theory and practice across the milieu of fashion. 


Our fashion philosophy at NoaLim is that luxury should be attainable for everyone. Many of our items are handcrafted from leather remnants left over from larger pieces, as well as remnants collected from top-boutique, luxury leather designers, ensuring all our accessories are sustainable and affordable. 


Click here to learn more about our commitment to social impact and sustainable supply chains, or click here (coming soon) to contact us about joining our community of fashion houses who contribute their couture cuts, beautiful bits, and precious pieces of remnant leather in pursuit of a more sustainable fashion industry for us all.

Product Care


Please don't get me wet! I am made of strong stuff, but water will ruin me. If I get dirty, please clean me with a lightly damp cloth. 


Please don't leave me in direct sunlight! Like all leather goods, my color will start to fade and change. Like your skin, I need to be protected from strong UV rays. 


Love me and care for me and I will last  forever. Unlike plastic or vegan leather, I will decompose... but only after you pass me down to the next generation!

Social Impact


We are committed to fostering a more socially conscious fashion industry.

UP-CYCLED PRODUCTS means no leather goes to waste.

SUSTAINABLE sourcing, production, and distribution practices.

FORCED LABOR FREE and always handcrafted with love.

SUPPORT wildlife welfare with proceeds donated from every sale.

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